1. Why is it necessary to design a machine carefully before building it?

2. What arc fergings? Why are they used?

3. What is a pattern?

4. Where is iron obtained?

5. Name some of the principal iron ores.

6. How is free iron obtained from the ore? What is smelting?

7. What is a blast furnace?

8. What is a flux?

9. Draw a sketch of a blast furnace.

10. Explain the chemistry of the blast furnace.

11. What is the difference between pig iron and cast iron?

12. How are varieties of cast iron known?

13. What is a foundry?

14. What is a cupola?

15. Explain why it is necessary to clean a casting.

16. Describe the molding of a casting.

17. What is molding sand?

18. Name the different kinds of molding.

19. State some of the disadvantages of the molding trade.

20. Explain brass molding.

21. State advantages and disadvantages of cast iron.