1. Describe the importance of plumbing.

2. State the advantages of a good water supply.

3. Name the different sources of water supply.

4. How does water reach a well?

5. Describe a water system of a city.

6. How does water enter a house from the street?

7. Is the flow of water on the top floor as good as on the first floor? Explain.

8. What is a faucet?

9. What is water hammer?

10. How is the waste water disposed of?

11. What is a trap? State its advantages.

12. Describe the work performed by a plumber.

13. Name some of the common plumbers' tools and their uses. State the mechanical principle upon which each of these tools operates.

14. What is a joint? Why is it used? 16. Name the common joints.

16. State the conditions under which a plumber works.

17. What per cent of clean sand is used in making joints of earthenware house sewers? What per cent of Portland cement?