Weight suspended, tons X Projection, feet/Height of post above ground=

Strain on top of post, tons.

The post can then be calculated as a beam, twice as long as this height from ground, with twice the weight on the middle. [See Beams.]



of cylinder diameter when the stroke is


that of piston.


" "



To find the proper size, under any circumstances, capable of supplying twice the quantity ordinarily used for injection.

Cub. ft. water per hour used in cylinder in form of steam /Stroke of pump, ft x strokes per minute

= Area of pump in square feet.



Case should be strong and heavy. Bearings long. Blades and arms as light and well balanced as possible. Good proportions -

Inlet = diameter of fan,

Blades = diameter of fan each way,

Outlet = area of blades.

The area of tuyeres is most advantageous when made area of blades density of blast, oz. per sq. inch, and it should not exceed double this size.