Tin and Bismuth, equal parts, melt at 2S3 degrees, Fahrenheit; tin melts at 442; polished steel acquires straw color at 460; bismuth melts at 476; sulphur burns at 560; oil of turpentine boils at 560; polished steel acquires deep blue color at 580; lead melts at 594; linseed oil boils at 600; quicksilver boils at 660; zinc melts at 700; iron, bright red in the dark at 752; iron, red-hot in twilight at 884; ted heat fully visible in daylight at 1077; brass melts at 3807; copper melts at 4587; silver melts at 4717; gold melts at 5237; welding heat of iron, from 12777; welding heat of iron, to 13427; greatest heat of smith's forge 17327; cast iron begins to melt at 17977; cast iron thoroughly melted at 20577.