No. 47. Yellow Solder, for Brass or Copper. - (Stronger than the last.) - Copper, 32 lbs.; Zinc, 29 lbs.; Tin, 1 lb.

No. 48. Solder,/or Copper. - Copper, 10 lbs.; Zinc, 9 lbsi

No. 49. Black Solder.- Copper, 2 lbs.; Zinc, 3 lbs; Tin, 2 ozs.

No. 50. Black Solder. - Sheet Brass, 20 lbs.; Tin, 6 lbs.; Zinc, 1 lb.

No. 51. Soft Solder. - Tin, 15 lbs.; Lead, 15 lbs.

No. 52. Silver Solder, for Plated Metal. - Fine Silver, 1 oz.; Brass, 10 pwts.

No. 53. Yellow Dipping Metal. - Copper, 32 lbs.; Zinc, 2 lbs.; Soft Solder,2 1/3 ozs.

No. 54. Quick Bright Dipping Acid, for Brass which has been ormoloud. - Sulphuric Acid, 1 gall.; Nitric Acid, 1 gall.

No.55. Dipping Acid. - Sulphuric Acid, 12 lbs.; Nitric Acid, 1 pint; Nitre, 4 lbs.; Snot, 2 handfuls; Brimstone, 2 ozs.

Pulverize the Brimstone and soak it in water an hour. Add the Nitric Acid last.

No. 56. Good Dipping Acid, for Cast Brass. - Sulphuric Acid,

1 qt., Nitre, 1 qt.; Water, 1 qt.

A little Muriatic Acid may be added or omitted.

No. 57. Dipping Acid. - Sulphuric Acid, 4 galls.; Nitric Acid, 2 galls.; Saturated solution of Sulphate of Iron (Copperas), 1 pint; Solution of Sulphate of Copper, 1 qt.

No. 58. Ormolu Dipping Acid, for Sheet Brass.- Sulphuric Acid,

2 galls; Nitric Acid, 1 pt.; Muriatic Acid, 1 pt.; Water, 1 pt.; Nitre, 12 lbs. Put in the Muriatic Acid last, a Utile at a time and stir the mixture with a stick.

No. 59. Ormolu Dipping Acid, for Sheet or Cast Brass. - Sulphuric Acid, 1 gall; Sal Ammoniac, 1 oz.; Sulphur, (in flour,) 1 oz.; Blue Vitriol, 1 oz.; Saturated Solution of Zinc in Nitric Acid; mixed with an equal quantity of Sulphuric Acid, 1 gall.

No. 60. To Prepare Brass Work for Ormolu Dipping. - If the work is oily, boil it in lye; and if it is finished work, filed or turned, dip it in old acid, and it is then ready to be ormeloed; but if it is unfinished, and free from oil, pickle it in strong sulphuric acid, dip in pure nitric acid, and then in the old acid, after which it will be ready for ormeloing.

No. 61. To Repair Old Nitric Acid Ormolu Dips. - If the work after dipping appears coarse and spotted, add vitriol till it answers the purpose. If the work after dipping appears too smooth, add muriatic acid and nitre till it gives the right appearance.

The other ormolu dips should be repaired according to the receipts, putting in the proper ingredients to strengthen them. They should not be allowed to settle, but should be stirred often while using.

No. 62. Tinning Acid, for Brass or Zinc. - Muriatic Acid, 1 qt., Zinc, 6 ozs. To a solution of this add, Water, 1 qt.; Sal Ammoniac, 2 ozs.

No. 63. Vinegar Bronze, for Brass. - Vinegar, 10 galls.; Blue Vitriol, 3 lbs.; Muriatic Acid. 3 lbs.; Corrosive Sublimate, 4 grs.; Sal Ammonia, 2 lbs.; Alum, 8 ozs.

No. 64. Directions for Making Lacquer. - Mix the ingredients and let the vessel containing them stand in the sun, or in a place slightly warmed three or four days, shaking it frequently till the gum is dissolved, after which let it settle from twenty-four to forty-eight hours, when the clear liquor may be poured off for use. Pulverized glass is sometimes used in making Lacquer, to carry down the impurities.

No. 65. Lacquer, for Dipped Brass. - Alcohol proof specific gravity not less than 95-l00ths, 2 galls.; Seed Lac, 1 lh.; Gum Copal, 1 oz.; English Saffron, 1 oz.; Annotto, 1 oz.

No. 66. Lacquer, for Bronzed Brass. - To one pint of the above Lacquer, add. Gamboge, 1 oz.; and after mixing it add an equal quantity of the first Lacquer.

No. 67. Deep Gold Colored Lacquer. - Best Alcohol, 40 ozs.; Spanish Annotto, 8 grs.; Turmeric, 2 drs.; Shell Lac, oz.; Red Sanders, 12 grs.; when dissolved add Spirits of Turpentine, 30 drops.

No. 68. Gold Colored Lacquer, for Brass not Dipped. - Alcohol, 4 galls.; Turmeric, 3 lbs.; Gamboge, 3 ozs.; Gum Sanderach, 7 lbs.; Shell Lac, 1 lb.; Turpentine Varnish, 1 pint.

No. 69. Gold Colored Lacquer, for Dipped Brass. - Alcohol, 36 ozs.; Seed Lac, 6 ozs.; Amber, 2 ozs.; Gum Gutta, 2 ozs.; Red Sandal Wood, 24grs; Dragon's Blood, 60 grs.; Oriental Saffron, 36 grs.; Pulverized Glass, 4 ozs.

No. 70. Good Lacquer, for Brass. - Seed Lac, 6 ozs.; Amber or Copal, 2 ozs.; Best Alcohol, 4 galls.; Pulverized Glass, 4 ozs.; Dragon's Blood, 40 grs.; Extract of Red Sandal Wood obtained by water, 30 grs.

No. 71. Lacquer, for Dipped Brass. - Alcohol, 12 galls.; Seed Lac, 9 lbs.; Turmeric, 1 lb. to a gallon of the above mixture; Spanish Saffron, 4 ozs.

The Saffron is to be added for Bronze work.

No. 72. Good Lacquer. - Alcohol, 8 ozs.; Gamboge, 1 oz.; Shell Lac, 3 ozs.; Annotto, 1 oz.; solution of 3 ozs. of Seed Lac in 1 pint of Alcohol; when dissolved add oz. Venice Turpentine, oz. Dragon's Blood, will make it dark; keep it in a warm place four or five days.

No. 73. Pale Lacquer,/or Tin Plate. - Best Alcohol, 8 ozs.; Turmeric, 4 drs.; Hay Saffron, 2 scs.; Dragon Blood, 4 scs.; Red Sanders. 1 sc; Shell Lac, 1 oz.; Gum Sanderach, 2 drs.; Gum Mastic, 2 drs.; Canada Balaam, 2 drs.; when dissolved add Spirits of Turpentine, 80 drops.

No. 74. Red Lacquer, for Brass. - Alcohol, 8 galls.; Dragon's Blood, 4 lbs.; Spanish Annotto, 12 lbs., Gum Sanderach, 13 lbs.; Turpentine, 1 gall.

No. 75. Pale Lacquer, for Brass - Alcohol, 2 galls.; Cape Aloes cut small, 3 ozs.; Pale Shell Lac, 1 lb.; Gamboge, 1 oz.

No. 76. Best Lacquer, for Brass. - Alcohol, 4 galls.; Shell Lac, 2 1bs.; Amber Gum, 1 lb.; Copal, 20 ozs.; Seed Lac, 3 lbs.; Saffron, to Color; Pulverized Glass, 8 ozs.

No. 77. Color for Lacquer. - Alcohol, 1 qt.; Annotto, 4 ozs.

No. 78. Lacquer, for Pilosophical Instruments - Alcohol, 80 ozs.; Gum Gutta, 3 ozs.; Gum Sandarac, 8 ozs.; Gum Elemi, 8 ozs.; Dragon's Blood, 4 ozs; Seed Lac, 4 ozs.; Terra Merita, 3 ozs.; Saffron, 8 grs.; Pul verized Glass, 12 ozs.