1. Gum sandarach five pounds, camphor one ounce, rectified spirit (65 over proof) two gallons, washed and dried coarsely-pounded glass two pounds; proceed as in making mastic varnish; when strained add one quart of very pale turpentine varnish. Very fine. 2. Picked mastic and coarsely-ground glass, of each, four ounces, sandarach and pale clear Venice turpentine, of each three ounces, alcohol two pounds; as last. 3. Gum sandarach one pound, clear Strasburgh turpentine six ounces, rectified spirit (65 over proof) three pints; dissolve. 4. Mastic in tears two ounces, sandarach eight ounces, gum elemi one ounce, Strasburgh or Scio turpentine (genuine) four ounces, rectified spirit (65 over proof) one quart. Used on metals, etc. Polishes well.