The plan and elevation of an irregular-shaped funnel or uptake is shown in Fig. 54. The laying out of the plate shapes follow the general principles as explained in connection with Fig. 52. First mark c g and b l each equal to the depth f' b'. Referring to plate "A," the line A B = a' b', A D = a d, A E = a e, and C B = c b. In plate "B" the line FG = slant height f g, F D = f d, F H = f h, and G K = c k. For plate "C," OP = o', p' OH = oh, ON = on, and PK = pk. Then, on plate "D," LM = l m, ME = m e, M N = mn, and L K = p b. After what has been said in connection with the former examples, no further particulars than the above should be necessary to set out the four plates.