BUNGALOWS AND COUNTRY RESIDENCES. A Series of Designs and Examples of executed Works. By R. A. Briggs, F.R.I.B.A. 5th and enlarged Edition, containing 47 Photo-lithographic Plates, many of which are new to this edition. With descriptions, including the actual cost of those which have been built, and the estimated cost of those not yet erected. 4to. cloth, price 12s. 6d.

"' Economy, convenience, and comfort in small country houses are important elements, and these have been studied with an artistic appreciation of effect and rural charm in Mr. Briggs' designs." - The Building News.

A BOOK OF COUNTRY HOUSES. Containing 62 Plates, reproduced from Photographs and Drawings of Perspective Views and Plans of a variety of executed examples, ranging in size from a small Suburban House to a fairly large Mansion. By Ernest Newton, Architect. Imperial 4to (15 in. by 11 in.), price 215. net.

The houses Illustrated in this volume have been planned during the last ten years, and may be taken as representative of the English Country House of the present day. They offer much variety in their size, their sites, the character of the materials in which they are constructed, and their types of plans.

The illustrations comprise 41 perspective views, reproduced from photographs and drawings in black-and-white and water-colours, together with 22 plans drawn to a large scale, whilst a few main features and interior views are included.

HOMES FOR THE COUNTRY. A Collection of Designs and Examples of recently-executed works. By R. A. Briggs, Architect, F.R.I.B.A., Soane Medallist. Containing 48 full-page Plates of Exterior and Interior Views and Plans. With Descriptive Notes. Demy 4to, price 10s. 6d. net.

" Every example given is an illustration of very considerable skill. The plans are all excellent - well devised on economical yet convenient lines, well lit, comfortable, and with every little point thought out ; while the elevations are pleasing without being extravagant. Such a book is admirable in its suggestiveness, and useful to all." - The Architect's Magazine.

" The arrangement of the plans generally reveals a master hand at this class of architecture. " - The Pall Mall Gazette.

MODERN SUBURBAN HOUSES. A Series of Examples Erected at Hampstead, Bickley, Purley, and elsewhere, from Designs by C. H. B. Quennell, Architect. Containing 44 Plates (13 3/4 in. by 10 1/2 in.) of Exterior and Interior Views, and large scale Plans, reproduced from special Photographs and the Author's Drawings. Large 4to, cloth gilt, price 16s. net.

The houses illustrated in this volume are of the best type of suburban house, generally semi-detached, and of limited frontage - a type upon which very little information has been published, although it is one of which the better class estates are largely composed. Skilfully planned, of quiet, refined design, and financially successful (all the examples having been built for sale, and sola), they clearly demonstrate that archi tecture in the suburbs, even when controlled by speculative builders, may be as refined and beautiful as in the country.

MODERN COTTAGE ARCHITECTURE, Illustrated from Works of well-known Architects. Edited, with an Essay on Cottage Building, and descriptive Notes on the subjects, by Maurice B. Adams, F.R.I.B.A. Containing 50 Plates reproduced from the architects' drawings, with the plans of each subject. Royal 4to, price 105. 6d. net.

THE COUNTRY HOUSE. A Practical Manual of the Planning and Construction of the American Country Home and its surroundings. By C. E. Hooper. Illustrated by E. E. Soderholtz. 330 pages fully Illustrated by over 300 Photographs of Exterior and Interior Views, Details and Gardens, with typical Plans of some of the finest Colonial and Modern Examples. Royal 8vo, cloth, price 15s. net.

ARCHITECTURAL SKETCHING AND DRAWING IN PERSPECTIVE. A progressive series of 36 Plates, illustrating the Drawing of Architectural Details and Sketching to Scale ; including chapters on the Plan and Measuring Point Methods, the Simplification of Perspective by R's method, and on Figures, Foliage, etc. By H. W. Roberts, Author of " R's Method." Large imperial 8vo, price 7s. 6d. net.