HOW TO JUDGE ARCHITECTURE. A Popular Guide to the Appreciation of Buildings. By Russell Sturgis, M.A. With 84 full-page Illustrations, reproduced in half-tone, from photographs of some of the chief buildings of the world. Large 8vo, art linen, price 7s. 6d. net.

"The greatest achievement amongst these three books is the treatise on architecture, a really masterly effort of selection, for in truth it is no easy matter to pick out, from the mass of traditions and influences which make the architectural criterion, those leading aspects of form and thought which will guide an untechnical reader into the way of knowing how to begin to know." - The Art Journal.

HOME ART MANUALS. By Mary White. B. T. Batsford is pleased to announce that he has taken up the sale in England of this fascinating series of American handbooks which has met with such great appreciation amongst Teachers and amateurs.

Each volume is fully illustrated by clearly drawn diagrams and reproductions of photographs. Crown 8vo, artistically bound in canvas, price 55. net each,

HOW TO DO BEAD-WORK. Crown 8vo, 140 pp. This volume deals with the many fascinating branches of the craft and the remarkable effects achieved by the Indian workers.

HOW TO MAKE BASKETS. Crown 8vo, 194 pp. Miss White here describes in detail the few necessary implements and materials, and then tells how to weave - first the simpler forms, next the more difficult patterns, and finally the complicated and beautiful work for which the Indians were once famous.

MORE BASKETS AND HOW TO MAKE THEM. Crown 8vo, 160 pp. The success of Miss White's first volume has led to this companion work, which treats of more advanced basket making, shapes and weaves of greater beauty and intricacy, with new appliances, unusual materials, and numberless other matters not included in the initial volume.

HOW TO MAKE POTTERY. Crown 8vo, 180 pp. This volume describes, in simple language, the various materials, tools, and processes connected with the art.

THE GATE BEAUTIFUL, BEING PRINCIPLES AND METHODS IN VITAL ART EDUCATION. By Professor John Ward Stimson, formerly Director of Art Education at the New York Metropolitan Museum of Art. Containing about 500 pages, copiously illustrated with reproductions of original drawings, charts, rare and famous studies, drawings and paintings by the old masters. Large 4to, in stiff paper covers, price 17s. 6d. net.

ARCHITECTURAL COMPOSITION. An Attempt to order and phrase Ideas which hitherto have been only felt by the instinctive taste of Designers. By J. Beverley Robinson, Architect, some time Lecturer on Architecture, Columbia University. Illustrated by Reproductions of 173 Photographs and line drawings of Ancient and Modern Buildings. Large 8vo. 10s. net.

Mr. Robinson formulates in an extremely clear and able manner the most approved practice of architects in designing the exterior of buildings, and illustrates his subject by many apt examples. His book is divided into seventeen chapters as follows : - The Standard of Taste - What is Architecture ? - Unity - Individuality - Similarity - Subordination - Analysis of Buildings - Primary Masses - Secondary Masses - Details - Horizontal Division - Proportion - Contrast - Practical Applications - Asymmetrical Composition - Flexibility of Types - Comparison and Criticism.

A CONCISE HISTORY OF ENGLISH ARCHITECTURE FROM THE ROMANESQUE PERIOD TO MODERN TIMES, being the Congress Number of the Architectural Review, July, 1906. Comprising three papers on English Architecture, each richly illustrated by photographic reproductions and line drawings: (1) Mediaeval; (2) Early Renaissance; (3) Later Renaissance; also illustrations of the work of living Architects. Foolscap (12 ins. by 8 1/2 ins.), in stiff paper covers, price 55. net, postage 6d. extra.

AN ARTISTIC AND USEFUL SERIES OF FRENCH BOOKS ON ILLUMINATION AND DESIGN AS FOLLOWS. - ILLUMINATED ORNAMENTS FROM MANUSCRIPTS AND BUILDINGS of the Vth to the XVIIIth Centuries. A Series of Six Volumes, each containing 15 Plates, well printed in gold and colours, illustrating over 100 Examples. Oblong 8vo, fancy covers, 2s. 6d. net each. Vol. 1 - From Vth to XIIth Centuries; Vol. 2 - XIIIth Century ; Vol. 3 - XIVth Century ; Vol. 4 - XVth Century ; Vol. 5 - Elements of French Ornamentation of the XVIth Century; Vol. 6 - Elements of French Ornamentation of the XVIIth & XVIIIth Centuries.

The above six can be had bound in one handsome volume, vellum sides leather back, price 16s. net.