A BOOK OF CHRYSANTHEMUMS. Containing 50 exquisite studies of this extremely decorative flower, printed in the beautiful variety of colours for which it is famous: ranging from snowy white, delicate pinks, bright yellows and orange, to rich dark reds. 2 vols. (12 in. by 9 in.), fancy covers price 14s. net.

JAPANESE ARTISTS' SKETCH BOOK. A series of 5 books illustrating (1) Fishes, Shells, etc.; (2) Birds and Flowers; (3) Landscapes and Water Scenes j (4) Insects and Foliage j (5) Scenes from Japanese Life Each contains 46 pages of illustration, drawn in a decorative spirit. Fancy covers, 75. 6d. net.

JAPANESE PATTERN BOOK. Containing 114 fascinating designs, for Embroideries, Textiles, Wall-papers, and Decorative Painting, printed in colours and gold 2 vols. 8vo, fancy wrappers, price 7s. 6d. net.

THE FLORAL ART OF JAPAN. Being a second and revised edition of the " Flowers of Japan, and the Art of Floral Arrangement." By Josiah Conder, F.R.I.B.A. With 69 full-page Plates, 14 of which are delicately printed in colours. 4to, cloth gilt, price 2 5s. net.

ART PRINCIPLES IN PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHY. Composition ; Treatment of Backgrounds, and the Processes involved in Manipulating the Plate. By Otto Walter Beck. With 138 full-page and smaller Illustrations, reproduced from specially taken Photographs and Original Diagrams. Large 8vo, cloth gilt, price 12s. 6d. net.

" The book deals very ably with the limitations and with the possibilities of the camera in portraiture. Too often the photographer has neither received any serious artistic training nor had the opportunity for intelligent study. While I do not think there is any short cut to success in Pictorial Portraiture, the book cannot fail to be most helpful and conducive to good if followed out." - Mr. Furley Lewis, F.R.P.S.

" The book contains many hints and suggestions which would be useful to the professional photographer, and intelligently carried out would certainly make the present average photographic portrait more interesting." - Mr. Fred Hollyer.

" After reading the text and examining the delightful essays and experiments in personal control with which the work abounds, I have no hesitation in proclaiming its value in helping the ambitious photographer to lift his likenesses from the dead level of mechanical dreariness to a height of pictorialism which should make for a wide measure of appreciation." - Hector Maclean, in the Morning Post.

PICTORIAL COMPOSITION AND THE CRITICAL JUDGMENT OF PICTURES. A Handbook for Students and Lovers of Art. By H. R. Poore. With about 150 Illustrations, chiefly reproduced from photographs of celebrated pictures, including numerous elucidatory diagrams. Large 8vo, art linen, price 7s. 6d. net.

One of the best works of its kind. Of particular value to the artist, to the art student, and to all interested in understanding the merits of a picture. The book is, in fact, a liberal education in art.

THE APPRECIATION OF PICTURES. An Historical and Critical Handbook of Ancient and Modern Art for the Artist, Student, and Connoisseur. By Russell Sturgis, M.A. With 73 full-page Photographs after famous Pictures. Large 8vo, art linen, price 7s. 6d. net.

" This book is so well founded in the study of the masters, old and new ; so faithful to the true idea of the graphic arts, and so well written, that it could be read with interest and sympathy by anybody who loves paint." - The Scotsman.

THE APPRECIATION OF SCULPTURE. A Popular Handbook for Students and Amateurs. By Russell Sturgis, M.A. With 64 full-page Photographic Illustrations of some of the most notable Examples of the Sculptor's Art. Large 8vo, art linen, price 75. 6d. net.

"This interesting and instructive volume, with its admirably chosen illustrations, its skilful criticisms, and its cultured survey of the history of the fine art with which it deals, cannot but prove helpful to any reader who wishes to form well reasoned opinions on its subject." - The Scotsman.