OLD SILVERWORK, CHIEFLY ENGLISH, FROM THE XVth TO THE XVIIIth CENTURIES. A series of choice examples selected from the unique loan collection exhibited at St. James's Court, London. Edited, with Historical and Descriptive Notes, by J. Starkie Gardner, F.S.A. Containing 121 beautiful collotype Plates reproduced from photographs in the most effective manner. Folio, buckram, gilt, price 5 5s. net.

The edition of this work is limited to 500 copies, of which very few now remain for sale.

"All lovers of old silver will welcome the appearance of this sumptuous volume. The illustrations throughout are admirable, and the whole work deserves great praise." - The Connoisseur.

"The illustrations are as faultless as the resources of reproduction and of the typographical art can make them." - The Daily News.


WORK AND SCULPTURE. From the Marcian Codex, with an Introductory Account of the Origin and Object of the Treatises, and of Cellini's Position as Craftsman and

Author. By C. R. Ashbee, M.A. Illustrated by II Plates of Jewels, Seals, Coins, Medals, Ornamental Figures, etc, and 7 Practical Diagrams. Small folio, finely printed at the

Essex House Press. In buckram, price 25s. net.

This translation is intended for the workshop, to bring home to English craftsmen the methods of the master goldsmith of the Renaissance. It abounds in information concerning the processes employed by metalworkers and sculptors in the time of Cellini, as well as with those specially introduced by him.

THE ART OF THE JAPANESE STENCIL CUTTER: The Book of Delightful and Strange Designs, being One Hundred Facsimile Illustrations of Japanese Stencils. With an Introduction by Andrew W. Tuer, F.S.A. Containing a series of reproductions to a reduced scale of these extremely decorative compositions, including clever conventionalised renderings of foliage, insects, animals, fishes, birds, waves, etc, and ingenious geometric patterns. With descriptive notes. Oblong 4to, boards, price 4s. 6d.

NATIVE JAPANESE STENCILS.- Mr. Batsford has recently secured an extensive collection of stencils, including clever designs suitable for all decorative work. The stencils are all in good condition, and ready for use. They will be found of interest to art students as exquisite decoration and marvels of stencil cutting. The sizes of the stencils range from 7 in. by 12 in. to 10 in. by 14 in., and they are offered in series of 12 Plates, each different, for 3s. 6d. net, or 25 for 6s. net.


Book I. - Containing over 1,500 engraved curios, and most ingenious Geometric Patterns of Circles, Medallions, etc, comprising Conventional Details of Plants, Flowers, Leaves, Petals, also Birds, Fans, Animals, Key Patterns, etc, etc. Oblong 12mo, fancy covers, price 2s. net.

Book II. - Containing over 600 most original and effective

Designs for Diaper Ornament, giving the base lines to the design, also artistic Miniature Sketches. Oblong 12mo, price 2S. net.

These books exhibit the varied charm and originality of conception of Japanese Ornament, and form an inexhaustible field of design.

A NEW SERIES OF BIRD AND FLOWER STUDIES. By Watanabe Sietei, the leading living Artist in Japan. In three Books, containing numerous exceedingly artistic Sketches in various tints. 8vo, fancy covers, price 10s. net.

A DELIGHTFUL SERIES OF STUDIES OF BIRDS, in most Characteristic and Life-like Attitudes, surrounded with appropriate Foliage and Flowers. By the celebrated Japanese Artist, Bairei Kono. In three Books, each containing 36 pages of highly artistic and decorative Illustrations, printed in tints. Bound in fancy paper covers, price 10s. net.

" In attitude and gesture and expression, these Birds, whether perching or soaring, swooping or brooding, are admirable." - Magazine of Art.

SHIN-BIJUTSUKAI. The New Monthly Magazine of Decorative Designs by famous Japanese Artists of to-day. Published in Tokio. A complete set of the 40 numbers published, containing 800 Plates, printed in gold and colours, forming a veritable treasury of ornamental designs. 40 volumes, 8vo, in fancy wrappers, enclosed in box, price 4 net. Only 10 Sets for Sale.

SHIN-BIJUTSUKAI. A set of 12 numbers as published, containing 240 plates. 12 volumes, 8vo, in fancy wrappers, price 2 5s. net.