OLD OAK ENGLISH FURNITURE. A Series of Measured Drawings, with some examples of Architectural Woodwork, Plasterwork, Metalwork, Glazing, etc. By J. W. Hurrell, Architect. Containing no full-page photolithographic Plates. Folio, cloth gilt, price 2 2s. od. net.

USEFUL DETAILS IN SEVERAL STYLES. Containing 1400 examples of Furniture and Decorative Details in various Historic Styles on 144 Plates. By Herbert Binstead, Editor of the "Furniture Record. Tall 8vo (II 1/4 x 4 1/2), price 3s. 6d. net.

The book is the cheapest and most concise guide to the styles of furniture and decoration which has ever appeared.

PRACTICAL DRAPERY CUTTING. A Handbook on Cutting and Fixing Curtains, Draperies, etc, with Descriptions and Practical Notes, for the use of Decorators, Upholsterers, Cutters, and Apprentices. By E. Noetzli, formerly Instructor in Upholstery at the Municipal School of Technology, Manchester. Containing 30 Plates, comprising over 160 illustrations. Large imperial 8vo, cloth gilt, price 12.f. 6d. net.

This work is written and arranged on very practical lines, and simply planned. The variety of subjects illustrated is great, and they include practically all the forms of drapery which occur in ordinary work.

HERALDRY AS ART. An Account of its Development and Practice, chiefly in England. By George W. Eve. Containing 320 Pages, with 300 Illustrations of Typical Heraldic Design, Old and New, from Photographs and Drawings. Demy 8vo, cloth gilt, price 12s. 6d. net.

Summary of Contents. - The Origin, Uses, and Aims of Heraldry - The Evolution of Shield Forms - Heraldic Rules - Animals and Monsters - Heraldic Birds and other Figures - Helm, Crest, and Mantling - Armorial Accessories - Methods and Materials - Architectural Decoration - Embroidered Heraldry - Some Miscellaneous Charges - Marks of Cadency.

ORNAMENT IN EUROPEAN SILKS. By Alan S. Cole, C.B., Author of Ancient Needlepoint and Pillow Lace and Cantor Lectures on the Art of Lace Making, The Art of Tapestry Making and Embroidery, etc. Containing 220 pages, with 169 full-page and smaller Illustrations of choice specimens, chiefly reproduced from Photographs. 4to, art linen, gilt, price 155-. net.

OLD AND NEW LACE (Dentelles, Anciennes et Modernes). An Illustrated Catalogue of the choicest specimens displayed at the International Exhibition of Lace, held at the Museum of Decorative Art, Haarlem, comprising examples from Important Public and Private Collections, edited, with Short Historical and Descriptive Text in French, by Johanna W. A. Naber. Containing 60 fine Specimens on 30 large Folio Plates (size 19 in. x 14 in.), reproduced from Photographs, in Portfolio, price 305. net.

FIFTEENTH - CENTURY ITALIAN ORNAMENT, chiefly taken from Brocades and Stuffs found on pictures in the National Gallery, London. By Sidney Vacher, Architect. A Series of 30 fine folio Plates of characteristic Textile Patterns from Dresses, Draperies, Brocades, Hangings, etc, shown to a good size, and printed in gold and colours. With descriptive Text. Folio, half vellum, in ornamental cover, 241. The few remaining copies of this interesting work have been privately purchased, and are now offered. The work has long been out of print.

ENGLISH AND SCOTTISH WROUGHT IRONWORK. A Series of Examples of English Ironwork of the best period, with which is included most that now exists in Scotland. By Bailey Scott Murphy, Architect. Containing 80 fine Plates (size 21 1/2 in. by 14 1/2 in.), 68 reproduced from measured drawings, and the remaining 12 from photographs specially taken. With Descriptive Text. Imperial folio, buckram, gilt, price $ 3s. net.

"This volume stands alone as a unique collection of the best work in wrought iron done in Great Britain. It is replete with exact delineations and precise dimensions technically and thoroughly realised for the student and practical craftsman." - The Building News.