HINTS ON WOOD CARVING FOR BEGINNERS. By Eleanor Rowe. Fourth Edition, revised and enlarged. With 23 full-page Illustrations. 8vo, paper cover, price is.

"The most useful and practical small book on wood-carving we know of." - Builder.

HINTS ON CHIP CARVING. (Class Teaching and other Northern Styles.) By Eleanor Rowe. 40 Illustrations. 8vo, paper cover, price Is.

"Full of sound directions and good suggestions." - Magazine of Art.

DETAILS OF GOTHIC WOOD CARVING of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Centuries. By Franklyn A. Crallan. Containing 34 large Photo-lithographic Plates, illustrating some of the finest specimens extant. With introductory and descriptive text. Large 4to, in cloth portfolio, or bound in cloth gilt, price 28s.

ENGLISH FURNITURE DESIGNERS OF THE XVIIIth CENTURY. By Constance Simon. Containing upwards of 200 pages, with 62 full-page Illustrations of choice and little-known Specimens, beautifully reproduced in half-tone from special Photographs. Imperial 8vo, cloth gilt, price 15s. net.

"This is a book of unusual excellence, for which students of Miss Simon's fascinating but obscure subject will have very good cause to be grateful. So little is known of the lives and personalities of the great cabinet-makers of the Georgian period that the additions to our knowledge which her industry and research have enabled her to make are not only of substantial value in themselves, but will entitle her book to a distinguished place in furniture literature. The illustrations add most appreciably to the value of this well-informed, original, and authoritative piece of work, in which nothing is slurred over, and nothing taken for granted." - The Standard.

" Miss Simon's book is decidedly most attractive in form and appearance, and its copious illustrations from choice specimens in private collections are particularly excellent and interesting." - The Times.


Practical Manual on the Preparation of Working Drawings of Furniture. By A. C. Nye. Comprising Notes on the Elementary Forms, Methods of Construction, and Dimensions of Common Articles of Furniture. Fully illustrated by 152 Diagrams. Large 8vo, cloth, price \os. net.

COLONIAL FURNITURE IN AMERICA. An Historical and Descriptive Account of the Old English and Dutch Furniture taken out or manufactured by the early Colonists. By Luke Vincent Lockwood. With 300 photographic Illustrations of typical examples of Chests, Couches, Sofas, Tables, Chairs, Settees, Clocks, Cupboards, Sideboards, Mirrors, Chests of Drawers, Bedsteads, Desks, Escritoires, etc. 4to, art linen, price 255". net.

THE FURNITURE OF OUR FOREFATHERS. Being Examples of Old Furniture of the Early Colonists in New England. By Esther Singleton. With critical descriptions by Russell Sturgis. Containing over 600 pages of text, upwards of 150 Plates, reproduced in photogravure and half tone, and 200 line drawings in the text, exhibiting in all some 500 pieces of Furniture of the Stuart, Queen Anne and Georgian Periods. 2 vols., imperial 8vo, art canvas, price 2 10s. net.

THE DECORATIVE WORK OF ROBERT AND JAMES ADAM. Containing 30 large folio Plates illustrating about 100 examples of Rooms, Ceilings, Chimney-pieces, Tables, Chairs, Vases, Lamps, Mirrors, Pier-glasses, Clocks, etc, by these famous 18th-century Designers. Large folio, handsomely bound in old style, price 30s. net.

CHIPPENDALE'S THE GENTLEMAN AND CABINETMAKER'S' DIRECTOR. A complete facsimile of the 3rd and rarest Edition (1762), containing 200 Plates of Designs. Folio, strongly bound in half-cloth, price 3 15s. net.

HEPPLEWHITE'S CABINET-MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER'S GUIDE. A facsimile reproduction of this rare work, containing 300 charming Designs on 128 Plates. Small folio, cloth gilt, old style, price 2 10s. net. (1794.) Original copies when met with fetch from 17 to 18.

EXAMPLES OF FURNITURE AND DECORATION DESIGNED BY THOMAS SHERATON. Containing a selection of 167 typical specimens reproduced on 16 Plates (18 inches by 12 inches), from his rare " Cabinet Maker and Upholsterer's Drawing Book," published 1791 - 1802. Folio, enclosed in portfolio, price 15s. net.