WOOD-CARVING DESIGNS. A Series for Students, Teachers, Designers and Amateurs. By Muriel Moller. With a Foreword by Walter Crane. Six Imperial Sheets comprising 31 Working Drawings of Panels, Frames, etc, 12 Reproductions of Photographs from the Carved Objects, and 20 Examples of Furniture suitable for them, designed in conjunction with A. W. Simpson. Large Imperial 8vo, in cloth portfolio, price 6s. net.

Extract from Foreword by Walter Crane. Miss Muriel Moller is an accomplished carver in wood, who has also had extensive experience in teaching the craft. In drawing these sheets of patterns she has had in view the need of a clearly defined outline of design for tracing on to the wood for the carver. A useful feature is the sheet of the elevations to scale of executed furniture designs which accompany the patterns and indicate the position and relation of the carved work in use.

ENGLISH INTERIOR WOODWORK of the XVI., XVII., and XVIII. Centuries. A series of 50 Plates of Drawings to scale and Sketches, chiefly of Domestic Work, illustrating a fine series of examples of Chimney Pieces, Panelling, Sides of Rooms, Staircases, Doorways, Screens, etc, with full practical details and descriptive text. By Henry Tanner, Jun., A.R.I.B.A., Joint Author of "Some Architectural Works of Inigo Jones." Folio, cloth gilt, price 365. net.

"The book contains fifty well-produced plates from ink and pencil drawings, which are excellently done, and the series gives a fairly consecutive view of some of the best wood-work to be found in England." - The British Architect.

"Mr. Tanner is certainly a skilled draughtsman, and to the illustrations in the book before us no exception could possibly be taken. The minutest details are given with the greatest exactitude, rendering the book of the utmost value to those who desire to study or possess a record of the styles represented." - The Cabinet Maker.

REMAINS OF ECCLESIASTICAL WOOD-WORK. A Series of Examples of Stalls, Screens, Book-Boards, Roofs, Pulpits, etc, beautifully engraved on 21 Plates from drawings by T. Talbot Bury, Archt. 4to, half-bound, price 10s. 6d.

The Most Artistic and Practical Volume on the craft by a well-known leading Authority.

PRACTICAL WOOD CARVING. A Book for the Student, Carver, Teacher, Designer, and Architect. By Eleanor Rowe. With 112 Illustrations from Photographs, and 55 from line drawings of Old and Modern Carvings, including Photographs of work in successive stages, and of Carving Methods and Processes in Action. Demy 8vo, cloth, containing about 240 pages, price about 7s. 6d. net.

This is a comprehensive book on the subject, showing the evolution of wood-carving from the simple gouge-cut pattern to the elaborate Renascence panel. It is hoped that the Student who is compelled to learn wood-carving without a master will find all necessary for beginning his studies.

Contents: - The Wood-Carver's Outfit - Various Woods used by the Carver-Construction - The Outcome of the Tool - Flat Carving - Strap-work and Low-relief - High-relief - Gothic Carving and Mouldings - Renascence Carving and Mouldings - Lettering - Pierced Carving - Treatment and Design.

FRENCH WOOD CARVINGS FROM THE NATIONAL MUSEUMS. A Series of Examples printed in Collotype from Photographs specially taken from the Carvings direct. Edited by Eleanor Rowe. Part I.: Late 15th and Early 16th Century Examples; Part II.: 16th Century Work; Part III.: 17th and 18th Centuries. The Three Series Complete, each containing 18 large folio Plates, with descriptive letterpress. Folio, in portfolios, price 12s. each net; or handsomely bound in one volume, price 2 5s. net.

"Students of the Art of Wood Carving will find a mine of inexhaustible treasures in this series of illustrations. . . . Each plate is a work of art in itself." - The Queen.

" Needs only to be seen to be purchased by all interested in the craft, whether archaeo-logically or practically." - The Studio.