A HISTORY OF ARCHITECTURE. Having Special Regard to the Natural Artistic Results of Construction and those Methods of Design which are the Result of Abstract Thinking and of the Pure Sense of Form. By Russell Sturgis, M.A., Ph.D., Editor of "A Dictionary of Architecture," Author of " How to Judge Architecture," etc. 3 vols., Imp. 8vo, cloth gilt, price 3 15s. net, the set.

The first volume, "Antiquity," is now ready. Volumes II. and III., dealing with the Mediaeval and Renaissance Periods, will be published during 1908. Each volume will contain about 500 pages, with some 350 full-page and smaller illustrations, reproduced in collotype, halftone, and line, from special photographs and drawings.

"A very full and finely-illustrated treatise, very interesting to read, and likely to appeal to a large circle of people outside of the profession of architecture. ... It is a brilliant production, the result of very wide and comprehensive study of the subject; and in print, illustrations, and general make-up, it is a credit to the publishers." - The Builder,


Series of Measured Drawings and Photographs of the Exterior and Interior, including Furniture and Iron Work and Brass

Work, together with an Historical Account and Descriptions.

By J. A. Arnott and J. Wilson, Architects. Three Parts, each part containing 31 Plates, size 19 1/2 ins. by 14 1/2 ins., in portfolio. Just completed. Price 3 3s. net, complete in three portfolios, or bound in half morocco 3 13s. 6d. net.

The Palace of the Petit Trianon is a complete example of the best period of the 18th century. It was designed by 3 pupil of Mansard called Gabriel, and is one of the purest and most perfect examples of that time, and the exterior, the interior, and furnishing are in thorough harmony.

"The authors are to be heartily congratulated on both the conception and execution of their undertaking. No more useful work can be done than the complete and careful study of a particular building .... the Petit Trianon remains an almost perfect example of the purest and best work of the late eighteenth century in France. The drawings are beautifully executed and excellently reproduced, the plates of the carving and wrought metal work drawn to a large scale being particularly good." - The Athenaeum.


GOTHIC ARCHITECTURE IN ENGLAND. An Analysis of the origin and development of English Church Architecture, from the Norman Conquest to the Dissolution of the Monasteries. By Francis Bond, M.A., Hon. A.R.I.B.A. Containing 800 pages, with 1,254 Illustrations, comprising 785 photographs, sketches, and measured drawings, and 469 plans, sections, diagrams, and moldings. Imperial 8vo, cloth gilt, price 31s. 6d. net.

" The fullest and most complete illustrated treatise on the subject which has yet appeared..... It is a book which every student of architecture, professional or amateur, ought to have." - The Builder.

" Perfectly orderly, and most complete and thorough, this great book leaves nothing to . be desired." - The Building News.

" This is, in every sense of the word, a great book.....It is a book that at once steps to the front as authoritative, and it will be long before it is superseded." - The Athenceutn.