EARLY RENAISSANCE ARCHITECTURE IN ENGLAND. An Historical and Descriptive Account of the Tudor, Elizabethan and Jacobean Periods, 1500-1625. By J. Alfred Gotch, F.S.A. With 88 Collotype and other Plates and 230 Illustrations in the text from Drawings and from Photographs. Royal 8vo, cloth gilt, price 21s. net.

" The book is quite a storehouse of reference and illustrations, and should be quite indispensable to the architect's library." - The British Architect.

EXAMPLES OF ENGLISH MEDIEVAL FOLIAGE AND COLOURED DECORATION. By Jas. K. Colling, Architect, F.R.I.B.A. Taken from Buildings of the Xllth to the XVth Century. Containing 76 Lithographic Plates, and 79 Woodcut Illustrations, with text. Royal 410, cloth, gilt top, price 151. net (published at 2 2s.).

Dedicated by Special Permission to Sir Edward J. Poynter, P.P. A.

EXAMPLES OF GREEK AND POMPEIAN DECORATIVE WORK. Measured and Drawn by J. Cromar Watt. Containing 60 Collotype Plates, reproduced from the original Pencil Drawings of the author, comprising Architectural Details and Ornament, Terra Cotta, and Ornamental Bronze Work, etc. A handsome folio volume, cloth, price 1 10s. net.

Some Architectural Works Of Inigo Jones.

Illustrated by a Series of Measured Drawings of the Chief Buildings designed by him, together with Descriptive Notes. By H. Inigo Triggs and Henry Tanner, Junr., A.R.I.B.A. Containing 40 full-page Plates and over 40 Illustrations in the text. Large folio, cloth gilt, price 30s. let.

" The plates are quite perfect as specimens of draughtsmanship, and possess a crispness and freedom of handling which differentiate them from ordinary measured drawings." - A. A. Notes. ___________________________