MR. LEWIS F. DAY'S WORKS - continued. NATURE AND ORNAMENT. Being a new treatise founded on the author's "Nature in Ornament," which is now incorporated in it. By Lewis F. Day. Two vols., medium 8vo (9 ins. by 6 ins.), cloth lettered.

Vol. I. - Nature the Raw Material of Ornament. With special reference to Plant Form. Containing 120 pages and 350 illustrations, including full-pages, comprising 500 examples, and a fine series of specially drawn plates of plant form, growth, and detail. Price 51. net. Vol. II. - Ornament the finished Product of Nature. With very numerous full-page and smaller illustrations, either new or re-drawn, of the treatment of Natural form in Design and Decoration.

[In preparation. An invaluable Review of the Art and Practice of Embroidery.

ART IN NEEDLEWORK: A Book about Embroidery. For the use of Needleworkers and other Students of Embroidery, and Designers for it. By Lewis F. Day and Mary Buckle. Third Edition, revised and enlarged. Containing 81 Plates reproduced from photographs, and 39 text Illustrations, of Historical Examples, special Stitches, and Samplers of executed Work in Various Stages, with a Special Chapter (new to this edition) on White Work, with Illustrations. Crown 8vo, cloth, price 5s. net.

" No worker's table can be considered complete without a copy." - Home Art Work.

"An extremely valuable book, forming a much-needed addition to the library of needle-workers, and one which will grow in value the longer and the more closely it is consulted." - The Queen.

WINDOWS. - A BOOK ABOUT STAINED AND PAINTED GLASS. By Lewis F. Day. Third Edition, revised and enlarged, containing 60 full-page Plates and over 200 Illustrations in the text, all of Old Examples. 400 pages, large 8vo, cloth gilt, price 2\s. net. The plates have been entirely reproduced afresh, and many are new to this edition.

The Most Handy, Useful, and Comprehensive Work on the Subject.

ALPHABETS, OLD AND NEW. Containing over 200 complete Alphabets, 30 Series of Numerals, and numerous Facsimiles of Ancient Dates. Selected and arranged by Lewis F. Day. Preceded by a short account of the Development of the Alphabet. With Modern Examples specially Designed by R. Anning Bell, Walter Crane, Mucha, E. Grasset, J. Walter West, Patten Wilson, the Author, and others. Second Edition, revised and enlarged, with many additional examples. Crown 8vo, art linen, price 3s. 6d. net.

"We receive so many applications asking us to recommend a good reliable book on Alphabets, that it is a pleasure to note the issue of this second edition, which, with its additional alphabets, appears to meet almost every want." - The Decorator.

MR. LEWIS F. DAY'S WORKS - continued.

LETTERING IN ORNAMENT. An Enquiry into the Decorative Use of Lettering, Past, Present and Possible. By Lewis F. Day. With 200 full-page and smaller Illustrations from photographs and drawings. Crown 8vo, cloth, price 5s. net. This work is uniform in size and style with the author's " Alphabets, Old and New," and is at once a companion and a sequel to it. But, whereas that dealt only with the forms of letters, this has to do with their use in ornament, the way they have been and are to be employed in decoration.

Contents - The Printed and Written Page, Inscriptions, Scrolls and Labels, Monograms, Cyphers, Combinations, Initial Letters, Decorative Lettering, etc.

MOOT POINTS : Friendly disputes upon Art and Industry between Walter Crane and Lewis F. Day. Demy 8vo,

90 pages, with 8 Ornamental and very amusing Caricatures of the artists by Walter Crane. In paper wrapper, price is. net.

Subjects : The Ideal Artist; Designer and Executant; the Artist and his Livelihood ; Art and Industry ; Work and Pleasure ; the Profession of Art; Poetic Ornament; the Living Interest in Ornament.