Published And Sold By

B.T. Batsford

94, High Holborn, London

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Ornament & Decoration,

Including Furniture, Wood-Carving, Metal Work, Design, Etc,

Published And Sold By

B. T. Batsford,

94, High Holborn, London, W.C.

THE ART OF THE PLASTERER. An Account of its Decorative Development, chiefly in England, from the XVI. - XVIII. Centuries, with Chapters on the Stucco of the Classic Period and of the Italian Renaissance, also on Sgraffito, Pargetting, Scottish, Irish and Modern Plaster-work. By George P. Bankart, Architect and Craftsman. Containing about 100 full-page and many smaller Illustrations chiefly from specially taken Photographs, or of specially prepared Sections and Mouldings, comprising in all over 500 Examples, and one Plate in Colour. Demy 4to (12 ins. by 8 1/2 ins.), cloth gilt, price 255. net. [In the Press.

A book of exceptional interest and value to Plasterers, Architects, Modellers, and all interested in the Practice or Development of the Decorative Arts, forming an exhaustive collection of the choicest English Renaissance Ornament.

OLD LACE. A Handbook for Collectors. An Account of the different styles of Lace, their History, Characteristics, and Manufacture. By M. Jourdain, Joint Editor of Palliser's "History of Lace." Containing upwards of 120 Pages, with nearly 100 Plates comprising over 150 Historic Examples from Photographs. Large square 8vo (8 1/2 ins. by 6 1/2 ins.), cloth gilt, price 10s. 6d. net.

This book is designed to provide, in a handy and inexpensive form, a guide to the different varieties of Lace. The Author gives a brief history of each style, sketches the characteristics of its design and the method of its manufacture. Some of the best specimens from public and private collections in England and abroad are described and illustrated from Photographs. Special attention is devoted to English and Irish Laces.

Contents. - Introduction - Early History of Lacemaking - Tests for Real Lace - Lacis - Cutwork - Early Italian Pillow Lace (Punto in Aria) - Venetian and Burano Lace - Rosepoint - Milanese and Cretan Lace - Flanders, Bruges, and Brussels Lace - Valenciennes - Dutch - Argentan and Alencon - Lille - Chantilly - English Needlepoint Lace - Honiton - Devonshire Trolley - Midland - Irish Laces, - Blondes - Glossary of Terms - Index.

DECORATIVE PLANT AND FLOWER STUDIES. Uniform with " Decorative Flower Studies " (to which it forms a Second Series). By J. Foord. For the use of Artists, Designers, Students, etc. Containing 40 Coloured Plates printed in facsimile of the original drawings, with a Description and Sketch of each Plant and 450 Studies of Growth and Detail. Imperial 4to, handsomely bound in cloth gilt, with an attractive cover design by the Author, price 305. net.

Extract from Introductory Note by Lewis F. Day: - The author has made careful choice of the most beautiful features of the plant and rendered it simply and broadly in outline and flat tints. Her studies are to be trusted. They are drawn with care and exactness, and with a firm line there is no mistaking.

" This exquisitely printed and coloured book will prove the most desirable of all Yuletide publications." - The Daily Telegraph.

DECORATIVE FLOWER STUDIES for the use of Artists, Designers, Students and others. A series of 40 Coloured Plates, printed by hand by a stencil process in facsimile of the original drawings, accompanied by 350 Studies of Detail showing the Development of the Plant in successive stages of growth. With Descriptive Notes. By J. Foord. Imperial 4to, handsomely bound in cloth gilt, price 255. net.

STUDIES IN PLANT FORM. For the use of Students, Designers, and Craftsmen. By G. Woolliscroft Rhead, R.E., Hon. A.R.C.A. Containing 25 Photo-lithographic Plates, size 17 1/2 x 13, reproduced in black and white from the author's drawings, illustrating upwards of 60 varieties of Plants, together with over 80 Illustrations of Detail. Folio, in cloth portfolio, price 20s net.