Boys and girls work together. Play spirit emphasized.

VARIOUS ACTIVITIES USED: - Play, - dolls, games and toys; Art work; paper work; Clay modelling; Primitive cookery; Simple basket forms; Cord work; Nature study; Wood-work; Domestic Art work. (see below where these last activities are given in detail.)

I. As related to home.

Aim: care, cleanliness and usefulness of each child.

Activities: scrub cloth; towel fringed or held with a stitch; duster; holder of knotted cord for duster; wash cloth; iron holder (denim with coarse stitch); mop; cord work for hangers for various purposes; crochetted (chain) horse-lines and curtain holders.

II. As related to school.

Articles: desk cloth; burlap hag for desk (design freehand); paint cloth.

III. As related to industrial life. Beginnings of industry and community life.

Activities: farms and occupations on sand trays. Sheep: the life; the preparation of wool; washing, carding) dye-ing, spinning, weaving. The loom: very simple rag carpet. Clothing: considerations of use of wool. Farm hats of raffia. Baskets for carrying.

IV. Christmas gifts, using handwork already learned.