Age : 9-10 Years

The needle-case is our base.

Tapes, braids, ribbons may be sewn on the right or wrong side of the article used, in square, oblong or pointed fashion.


Right side: One of the above forms only should be taught at this stage, and as the square fashion is the easiest, we choose it; the size of the square, of course, is the width of the tape. About one inch from the edge of the case sew by repeated tacking a square at the end of the tape, keeping quite close to the edge (Diag. 26).

Wrong Side: Top sew the square of tape to the edge of the case on the outside, and hem the inner three edges all round (Diag. 26 a).

The ends of the tape in both cases should be hemmed or tacked to prevent curling up. A tape may be run the whole length of the needle-case, and tacked at intervals to allow spacing for skeins of thread (Diags. 25, 26b).

Method 26

Diag. 26.

Diag. 26B.

Diag. 26A.