Canvas, 3 inches square.

Table linen, 5 inches square.

(a) Button-hole the edge of the canvas with zephyr or silk, and darn a twilled square, 1 inch in size, in the center. The warp threads are taken on the needle, two and two, each two being made up of one under thread and one over thread, so as to form a twill.

Children overcast the canvas for this model.

Teach the square knot with a large, soft cord. Make holders, and tie them with square knots.


Illustration 32 (a). Twilled weave and square knot.


Illustration 32 (b). Square knot.

(b) Draw threads for cutting the linen. Fold 1/4 inch hems, cut superfluous cloth from corners, turn back, baste, and overhand closely. Use No. 80 thread and No. 9 needle. Fold the model into four sections, measure 1 inch square on one of them, cut it half out and darn in place. Cut 1/2 inch square from the diagonal section and darn it in plain or twilled weave.

Worn napkins of good quality may be used. Darn with fine linen floss, or with threads drawn from the warp of new linen.

It is sometimes better to wash linen, or wet it in soap-suds, and dry it without rinsing, before hemming it or drawing threads. Rub the sharp edge of a piece of hard soap on threads that are to be drawn.

Darning, cross-stitch and feather-stitch are taught in a special class.

Stitches on Illustration 33.

1.     Right side of Flannel-stitch.            8. French Dots.

2.     Running Outline Stitch.                   9, 10. Feather-stitch.

3.     Kensington Stitch.                             11. Chain-stitch. 4, 5, 6, 7. Varieties in Chain-stitch.


Illustration 33. Stitches.

Stitches on Illustration  34. Page 60.

1. Chain-stitch.                        10.     Running and

2 and 3. Feather-stitch.                       Half-backstitch.

4.     Button-hole Stitch.             11.     Half-backstitch.

5.     Herring-bone Stitch.           12.    Backstitch.

6.     Purl Edge.                           13.     Hemming.

7.     Blanket-stitch.                     14.    Basting.

8.     Flannel-stitch.                     15.     Overcasting.

9.     Cat-stitch.                            16.     Running.


Illustration 34. Stitches named on page 61.