Four pieces of calico, 21/2 inches square, two of them of a light, and two of contrasting color.

Plain, bright-colored cottons may be used. Striped cotton is not used in this model, as lines would denote the warp, which the pupil is required to determine for herself.


Illustration 5. A Section of Model 4 (Warp And Woof).


Illustration 6. Warp (a). Woof (b).

Form a square by alternating the two colors, with warp parallel to warp. Follow previous directions for overhanding. Practice overcasting on ruled paper. Cut off and repeat until satisfactory, after which overcast the Models of Division 1 in colored thread.

Overcast 1/8 inch stitches, 1/8 inch from the raw edges. When a new thread is required, fasten the end that remains, at the back, where the next stitch is to be taken, bring it through, and continue as before.