Checked gingham, 5 inches square, cut by the check.

Calico, 5x8 inches, with figures having direction.

(a) Tuck the gingham by the check, tucking the alternate dark rows of checks.

(b) Ravel a thread from each edge of the calico, to be sure that it is straight. If it does not seem to be straight, stretch it diagonally until it is. See that the figures are upright, and crease the edge of the first tuck, 1 1/2 inches from the bottom of the strip.

Make 1/2 inch tucks, with 1/2 inch spaces between the stitchings. This will bring the bottom of each tuck on a line with the stitching of the tuck below it.


Illustration 1O. (a) Hands in position for tucking in fine running stitches

(b) Measure for Tucks.

Cut a measure, which includes the width of the tuck and the space between the stitchings. Cut the width of the tuck on it. To make a fold for the bottom of the next tuck, measure in two places and crease between.

Give the designs on cloth the same direction when joining the parts of a garment, and see that they are right side up.