Sometimes a dress that has only been worn for a year is somewhat out of style, but the material is still good. It seems extravagant to throw away a dress like this because it is out of style. People who know how to sew can often think of ways to make over or remodel such a dress For example, a one-piece dress can easily be* changed by simply raising or lowering the belt. Frequently, the mere lengthening or shortening of the skirt makes the dress seem more up-to-date. If styles change so that narrow, straight skirts are more popular than wide, full skirts, it is possible to take out some of the fullness so as to completely change the effect.

To Discuss With Your Class. - What other ways of remodelling dresses can you suggest? Under what conditions would it not pay to remodel a garment? Should the value of one's time be a factor when deciding whether to remodel one's clothes?