If you have understood the problems in caring for clothing that have been discussed in this chapter, you will be able to answer the following questions and do the following exercises.

Part I

1. Why is it worth while to spend some time every day in caring for one's clothing?

2. List all the things that you can think of that will help you to appear more neatly and attractively dressed.

3. Name three stains that you are likely to get on your clothing and tell how you would remove them.

4. What might cause the baby's woolen shirt to be ruined in the laundry?

5. Describe the laundering of a silk garment. If you have seen one that has been improperly laundered, tell what was wrong with it.

6. Make a list of the steps you would follow in thoroughly laundering white cotton garments.

7. The table linen laundered this week is gray looking. Tell things which may have caused this.

8. Occasionally garments are returned from the laundry with many small holes in them. What causes these?

9. Make two sketches showing the difference in the stitches when you darn a hole in your stocking and when you darn a straight tear.

10. Explain the process of dry cleaning and tell how it differs from ordinary washing.

11. Figure the cost of the weekly laundry for a family of four:

(1) when done at home by a laundress; (2) at a commercial laundry, wet wash; (3) at a commercial laundry, rough dry; and (4) completely done at a commercial laundry. Under what conditions is it costly for the housekeeper to do her own laundry?

Part II

1. Write a paragraph telling how to store your winter clothing and why we must take special care in storing it. At the end of this chapter you will find a list of books which will give you additional information on this topic.

Part III

The blank given below shows how you can keep a record of the things that you do at home in caring for your own clothing. Every girl may not do all the things that are listed. It will be interesting to compare your record with those of other girls. Your record will show to what extent you share responsibility in caring for your clothing. Copy the following table on a page in your note book or on a blank sheet of paper. Each night, record the number of minutes you have spent during the day in caring for your clothing. If you wish to keep this record for more than a period of two weeks copy this blank again.

Record of Home Work in Caring for Clothing



















Darning stockings ....

Patching ........................

Removing spots......

Dry cleaning.........

Laundry ........................

Storage ...............................




Record the number of minutes you spend each day doing each of the things listed in the columns.

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