If you are intelligent about caring for your clothing properly you will store your winter clothes carefully during the summer. There is always danger that woolen garments may be ruined by moths. The little, brownish gray moth first appears during the warm weather in spring. She flies about trying to find a woolen fabric in which to lay her eggs. She particularly likes to find a garment or rug that is soiled and spotted because she considers this an ideal place to lay her eggs. It pleases her most of all to find a dirty woolen garment that has been put away in a very dark closet. As soon as the eggs hatch the little worms or larvae begin to feed on the woolen fibers. They eat holes in the fabric which will entirely ruin the garment.

The best way to prevent this injury to clothing is to prevent the moth from depositing her eggs. Since the moth does not like sunshine, the clothes should be thoroughly sunned and aired before putting them away for the summer. They should be beaten and brushed to remove any eggs. Since the moth prefers a dirty garment, it is best to have the garment clean before packing it away. This means that the spots should be removed, the garment dry cleaned if necessary and all dust brushed out of seams and pockets. After cleaning, the garment should be put in an air-tight box or bag or wrapped in paper. Naphthaline balls or cedar chips are often included because moths do not like the odor. However, the odor will not prevent eggs that were left in the garment from hatching out.