Find three pictures of chairs, tables or other pieces of furniture. One of these is to be the best design that you can find, the second is to be average in the quality of design and third is to be poor in design. Mount these pictures and write an explanation telling why No. 1 is good in design, why No. 2 is not so good and how it could be improved, and why No. 3 is very poor.

Part II

You should be able to answer the following questions without referring to the previous pages.

1. Do you think it is possible for a figured wall paper to be a better background for pictures than a plain colored wall ? Why?

2. Do you think it is possible for a wall paper to have flowers in the pattern and yet be flat and decorative?

3. Explain how to estimate the cost of papering a room.

4. Explain why a wall paper with naturalistic pictures of landscapes is not artistic.

5. From what you have learned about good lighting describe what you think would be good lighting for the living room; for the dining room; for the kitchen. Other Books to Read. - The subject of interior decoration is so important that many books have been written on the subject and many magazines are published monthly. A few of these are listed below and you will find many others in your school and public libraries. Decide upon some particular topic in which you are interested and see how much material you can collect on the subject. You should be able to use the table of contents and index in each book to help you find your special topic.


1. Art in Everyday Life. Harriett and Vetta Goldstein. The Macmillan Company.

2. Color in Everyday Life. Louis Weinberg. Moffatt, Yard and Company.

3. Interior Decoration for the Small House. Amy Rolfe. The Macmillan Company.

4. Costume Designing and House Planning. Estelle Peel Izor.

Mentzer, Busch and Company.

5. House and Home. Greta Gray. J. B. Lippincott Company.

6. Planning and Furnishing the Home. Mary J. Quinn. Harper and Brothers.


House and Garden. Conde Nast Publications, New York.

House Beautiful. House Beautiful Publishing Company, Boston.

Arts and Decoration. Arts and Decoration Publishing Company, New York.

The Good Housekeeping Magazine. International Magazine Company, New York.