Sewed by setting-in the gathers. Materials Same as for Binding No. 1.

Fig. 39.

Fig. 39. - Showing gathers set into a band.


1. Mark the middle of the band by a cross-stitch, and cut off the corners, as in Fig. 37.

2. Crease the four edges of the band.

3. Baste and overhand the ends, beginning at the corners.

4. Loosen the gathering thread.

5. Hold the right side of the gathers towards you.

6. Pin the middle of one edge of the band to the middle of the gathers, and exactly over the gathering thread (Fig. 39, b).

7. Pin the ends of the gathers, inside the ends of the band (Fig. 39, a and c).

8. Draw up or loosen the gathering thread, so that it is the same length as the band, and fasten around the pin.

9. Arrange the gathers with the needle.

10. Baste the band on, so that the gathering thread is covered.