Practise Drill No. 3 (page 15).

1. Find the middle of the creased edge, and mark the place by cutting a small notch in the edge (Fig. 28), or by making a cross-stitch with colored thread, one inch from the edge (Fig. 28).

2. Use a single or double thread a little longer than the space to be gathered. A double thread helps to keep the gathers in place, but is more apt to knot than a single thread.

3. Make a good-sized knot in the thread, so that it cannot slip through the cloth.

4. With the right side of the cloth towards you, hold the work in the left hand, between the thumb and cushion of the forefinger, as in Fig. 7 (page 15).

5. Insert the needle on the wrong side, so as to conceal the knot, and through the hem to keep the knot secure.

Fig. 28.

Fig. 28. - Showing the middle marked by a notch and by a cross-stitch, also showing gathering stitches.

6. Sew on the crease, taking several stitches before drawing the needle through.

7. Do not count the threads, but take up about half as many as you skip, i.e., take up two threads and pass over four threads (Fig. 28).

8. If a knot, that cannot be untied, comes in the gathering thread, you will have to begin again.

9. When the seam is finished, remove the needle from the thread, and make a knot, in this end of the thread.

10. Put a pin in vertically, close to the last stitch, taking up a few threads of the cloth.

11. Carefully draw up the thread, but not too tightly.

Fig. 29.

Fig. 29. - Showing the thread drawn up, and fastened around a pin.

12. Wind the thread over the top, and under the point of the pin a number of times, crossing the threads at the middle of the pin (Fig. 29).

Fig. 30.

Fig. 30. - Showing the placing of gathers, with a large blunt needle.