A slip or blind-stitch is used to fasten a hem lightly.


No. 9 needle, No. 70 thread, and a strip of Cotton cloth.

1. Fold and crease a hem half-an-inch wide.

2. Baste about a fourth of an inch from the edge.

3. Make a small knot in the thread.

4. Conceal the knot by drawing the needle through the under part of the fold, one-eighth of an inch from the end.

5. Take up one or two threads of the cloth, and before drawing the needle through, take up one-fourth of an inch of the edge of the fold.

6. Continue in this manner, being careful not to draw the thread tightly.

7. Fasten securely.


This stitch is used for sewing hems on woollen cloth, where it is desired to conceal the stitches. Trimmings of silk and velvet are often put on with this stitch.

For what is a slip or blind-stitch used? How are the stitches taken?