To make a knot, as in Fig. I, wind the thread around two or three fingers, and crossing it, put the end through the loop.

To Bring A Knot Close To The End Of The Thread

1. With the thumb and forefinger of the right hand, take hold of the thread a few inches from the end.

2. Wind the end around the forefinger of the left hand, about midway of the finger-nail.

3. Pressing tightly, roll the end of the thread downward on the side of the thumb, twisting it once or twice.

4. Bring the second finger upon the thumb, and over the thread.

5. Lifting the forefinger, draw up the thread with the right hand.

The knot can also be made with the right hand.

To fasten the thread in sewing, take two or three stitches in the same place, or sew back a few stitches. Fasten silk very securely as it is apt to work out.

When learning to sew, it is best to use colored thread on white cloth, as it makes the stitches plainer, and mistakes are more easily seen. For colored work, choose thread or silk a shade darker than the material, as it will work lighter. Twist is twirled the opposite way from cotton thread.

The size of the needle and thread to be used, depends upon the quality of the work. A coarse needle and thread are used for coarse work, and a fine needle and thread for fine work.

Fig. 1.

Fig. 1. - Showing the thread in a knot before it is drawn up.

The numbers of needles and thread needed for the different kinds of stitches in cotton cloth: -

Hemming, Tucking,

No. 9 needle, No. 70 or 80 thread.

Running, Stitching, Overhanding, Overcasting,

No. 8 needle, No. 50 or 60 thread.

Button-holes, No. 7 or 8 needle, No. 40 or 50 thread.

Basting, Gathering,

No. 7 or 8 needle, No. 36 or 40 thread.

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