Take a piece of paper fifteen inches long and eleven inches wide.

1. With the long side of the paper horizontally in front of you, write your name and school at the upper left-hand corner of the paper.

2. Fold the lengthwise edges together, so that the name shows.

Fig. 103.

Fig. 103. - Child's Bib.

3. With the folded edge towards you, make a dot at the right-hand end of the fold; mark it A (Fig. 103).

4. On the fold, make a dot three inches from A; mark it B.

5. At the right-hand end, two and one-fourth inches above A, make a dot; mark it C.

6. Draw a light dash-line from B to C.

7. Beyond the dash-line, draw a curved line from B to C, allowing three-fourths inch curve at the middle. Erase the dash-line.

8. Cut on the curve.


Make a narrow hem on the sides and on the straight edges at the top, and an inch hem at the lower edge. Bind the curve with narrow linen tape, leaving enough at each end for strings.