A two-breadth apron, one yard long, having a four inch hem, requires two and one-fourth yards of material.

1. Find half of the length of the material, tear across, or fold and cut on the fold.

2. Fold the lengthwise edges of one of the pieces together.

3. One and one-half inches each side of the fold, tear the entire length, or fold again one and one-half inches from the edge of the fold and cut both thicknesses of material on the last fold. This gives a strip for the binding and the two side-breadths.


Sew the raw edges of the side-breadths to the front-breadth, thus avoiding a seam in the middle. If desired, hem the sides. Make a four inch hem at the lower edge, overhanding the ends of the hem before hemming. Gather the upper edge and put it into the band, being very careful to sew securely at the ends of the gathers, as this is where a strain comes. The fulness of the gathers depends upon the width of the material and the form of the person. Overhand the edges of the band together on each side of the gathers. If strings are desired, they should be cut before sewing the breadths together. Make a narrow hem at the sides of the strings, and a broader hem at the lower end. Gather, or lay small plaits, at the other end of the strings; insert them in the ends of the band, and hem the band over them.