1. Place the facing lengthwise on the piece of cloth, and pin the ends together.

2. Baste them together one-fourth of an inch from the edge.

3. Half-backstitch under the basting.

4. Take out the basting thread.

5. Fold the wrong sides together, and crease the cloth one or two threads beyond the seam, that the seam may not show on the edge.

6. Crease the opposite edge of the facing one-fourth of an inch deep.

7. Pin the ends of the cloth and facing evenly together.

8. Baste and hem.


A facing which requires strength should be cut lengthwise. A narrow facing for a rounded edge, as the neck of a garment, should be cut on the bias, so that it may be stretched when being hemmed. A false hem can be used, when the material is not long enough to allow a hem.

What is a facing? What is its use? How should it first be sewed? How next? When can a false hem be used?