A French seam is a neat manner of joining materials that fray.


No. 8 needle, No. 60 thread, scissors, and two pieces of calico, each five inches long and two inches wide.

1. Place the wrong sides of the calico together.

2. Baste one-eighth of an inch from the edge.

3. Run directly under the basting.

4. Cut the ravellings from the edges of the seam.

5. Turning the wrong side of the calico towards you, fold the right sides together, and crease at the sewing of the seam.

6. Baste, so that the raw edges are enclosed.

7. Half-backstitch the seam, being careful that no ravellings can be seen on the right side.


Trimming can be put on in this manner, having the seam very narrow.

What is a French seam? Which sides of the cloth should be placed together? How wide a seam should be made? With what kind of stitches should the seam be finished?