Hem-stitching is a method of hemming, in which the threads of the cloth are drawn and separated.


No. 8 needle, No. 50 thread, and a lengthwise strip of linen crash.

Hem-Stitch, From Right To Left

1. One inch from a lengthwise edge of the cloth, draw out from four to six threads (see suggestions) according to the coarseness of the cloth.

2. Carefully baste the hem to the line thus drawn.

3. Begin at the right-hand side, as for hemming.

4. Pointing the needle towards you, take up three or four cross-threads, and draw the thread through.

5. Put the needle back, take up the same threads, and insert the needle exactly above in the fold of the hem (Fig. 87).

Fig. 87.

Fig. 87. - Showing hem-stitching done from right to left, needle in position.

6. Continue in the same manner, drawing the thread tight, to separate the cross-threads.