1. Taking the other piece of cloth, lap the two pieces as desired.

2. Put the hook into the eye already sewed on, and place it in position.

3. Holding the hook firmly between the left thumb and forefinger, unfasten it.

4. Begin at the further side, and overhand closely the two circles (Fig. 48), being careful not to let the stitches show on the right side.

5. Overhand the under part of the hook, as far as the bend.

6. Fasten, by taking three or four stitches in the same place, at one side of the hook; then run the needle to the opposite side, and again fasten. A great strain comes here, and it is necessary to fasten securely.


If the eye is on a garment, where it is liable to show, cover it with button-hole or loop stitches. When sewing on hooks and eyes, use a strong thread or twist, and as fine a needle as possible.

What is a hook? What is an eye? Where is the eye placed? How is it sewed on? How should the thread be fastened? What is done to the two pieces of cloth before sewing on the hook? Where is the hook placed before it is put in position? How is it sewed on? How is the thread fastened?