Hooks and eyes are manufactured from wire by machinery. Two hundred hooks and the same number of eyes, each being made by its own machine, can be manufactured in a minute. The wire, on being unwound from a reel, is cut into the required length, and drawn into the machine, where it is bent into shape and comes out completed. They are silvered or blackened with japan varnish.

The machines run automatically, all that the machine tender has to do is to see that they are supplied with wire. The hooks and eyes have to be sewed and stuck on to cardboard by hand.

A hook is a hard material, bent for holding or fastening. An eye is a small round catch to receive the hook.


No. 8 needle, No. 40 thread, a medium-sized hook and eye, and two folded and basted pieces of cotton cloth.

Fig. 48.

Fig. 48. - Showing a hook and eye sewed on.