An eyelet is a hole made and worked in a garment, to receive a small cord or the loop of a button.


No. 8 needle, No. 40 thread, a stiletto, and a piece of cloth folded and basted.

1. Pierce the cloth with the stiletto, breaking as few threads as possible.

2. Holding the hole tightly over the cushion of the left forefinger, work it over and over with very close, even stitches (Fig. 47, a).

3. When working on a line with the threads of the cloth, use great care to take the stitches close and deep enough.

4. Use the stiletto occasionally to keep the hole round.


To make a large eyelet-hole, mark the circle by twice running a thread around the desired size (Fig. 47, b); then carefully cut out the centre, turn the edge of the material under, and work the edge over and over or with button-hole stitches (Fig. 47, c).

On woollen materials, use silk or twist. An eyelet-hole can be worked with the button-hole stitch.

What is an eyelet-hole? What is its use? With what do we make an eyelet-hole? How should the eyelet-hole be held and worked? Where should care be taken?

Fig. 47.

Fig. 47. - a, Showing a small eyelet-hole; b, showing a large eyelet-hole, marked by running stitches; c, showing a large eyelet-hole finished.