1. Make a small knot in the thread.

2. Place the folded edge of the cloth across the cushion of the forefinger of the left hand, allowing the tip of the finger to show.

3. Hold the cloth firmly, keeping the end of the thumb near the folded edge.

4. Work from you, instead of towards you.

5. Draw the needle through from underneath, close to the folded edge of the cloth, which will bring the thread into position for the stitch.

6. Again insert the needle one-eighth of an inch from the edge, and exactly back of its first position.

Fig. 41.

Fig. 41. - Showing the work in position, and button-hole stitches.

7. Let the needle remain half-way through the cloth, and pointing towards you.

8. Take the two threads at the eye of the needle, bring them towards you at the right of the needle, then under the point of the needle and from you (Fig. 44).

9. Pull the needle out, drawing the thread so that the twist or purl comes at the top of the folded edge of the cloth (Fig. 41).

10. One-eighth of an inch beyond take another stitch in the same manner.

11. So continue, making the stitches even.

12. When the thread becomes too short to use, turn to the other side of the cloth, and fasten lightly at the side of the last stitch, and away from the purl. After threading the needle, insert it beside of the last stitch, drawing it towards the purl. Turn to the right side, and draw the needle up through the last purl, and proceed with the button-hole stitch.

What is the first thing to be done? Where should the folded edge of the cloth be placed? What part of the forefinger shows? How should the cloth be held? In which direction do you work? Where is the first stitch taken? Why? How far from the edge is the needle next inserted? How far through the cloth should the needle be brought? How should it point? What is done with the two threads? When the thread is drawn out, where should the twist or purl come? How much should be left between the stitches?



No. 8 needle, No. 40 colored thread, buttonhole scissors, a medium-sized button, and a folded and basted strip of cotton cloth.

Fig. 42.

Fig. 42. - Showing the work in position.

The instructions are given in the following order: -

1. Cutting.

2. Barring.

3. Overcasting.

4. Button-hole stitch.

5. Finishing.

6. Joining the thread.