1. Draw the needle halfway through at the left side, and one thread beyond, taking up about four threads of the cloth.

2. With the needle pointing towards you, take the two threads at the eye of the needle, and bring them towards you at the right of the needle, then under the point of the needle and from you (Fig. 44).

3. Draw the needle and thread out, at right angles to the slit, and so that the twist or purl comes at the top edge of the slit (Fig. 44). In making the purl, the thread will form the figure eight (8).

4. Continue in this manner, leaving a thread of the cloth between each stitch, and make the stitches even.

5. Take seven or eight stitches across the outer end (Fig. 45), drawing the purl towards the folded edge, and making either a square or round end. The greatest wear from the button comes here.

6. Holding the folded edge of the cloth towards you, work the second side until close to the end barring.

If, in taking the button-hole stitch, you fail to put the" thread around the needle, the stitch can be picked up, by leaving a small loop, and, with the thread beyond it, passing the needle from underneath through the loop.