Sewing is work done with the needle and thread. The following directions should be before the pupil during class work.1

Fig. 5.

Fig. 5. - Measure.

The above represents a three inch rule, to use when certain measurements are required. The first inch is divided into halves and quarters, the second inch into eighths, and the third inch into sixteenths. Fractions of a yard: -

3 feet or 36 inches is a yard.

27 inches is three quarters of a yard.

18 inches is one half of a yard.

9 inches is a quarter of a yard.

4 1/2 inches is an eighth of a yard.

2 1/4 inches is a sixteenth of a yard.

How many inches in a yard? Three quarters of a yard? One half? A quarter? An eighth? A sixteenth?

1 The illustrations generally represent the stitches enlarged.