The tactile sense, a child's sense of touch, should be developed from the very first, and should be cultivated throughout his entire course of education.

The methods of kindergarten teaching are based on this idea, and it should be continued in the primary and again in the grammar schools. One projection of this idea has been the adopting of clay modeling, paper folding, etc., in many primary schools. As the course advances, the rough, coarse materials should give place to finer ones; so the weaving of paper, sewing with embroidery needles and worsted on cardboard should be supplanted by finer needles and thread and the use of cloth. There should be no break between the sewing of the kindergarten and that of the grammar grades, especially as the knowledge gained in the primary facilitates and advances the work in the grammar.

No objection can be raised because of mixed classes, as experience teaches that primary sewing is enjoyed by boys as much as by girls, and prepares the boys for their manual work in the grammar school.

The educational value of sewing in the primary school is of more importance than the utility.