Fig. 112.

Fig. 112. - Demonstration Frame.

Teaching The Lessons

Every pupil should be thoroughly instructed in the meaning of general phrases; as, "work towards you," "from you," "from right to left," "threads of the cloth," etc. When dimensions are given, each pupil should be able to show on the cloth the different distances required; the depth of the little finger-nail may be referred to, when a fourth of an inch is needed.

Drills are necessary in teaching beginners the motions required in sewing, and should be given before beginning a new stitch. They interest the children, and promote dexterity and skillfulness. Children are apt to close their fingers when learning to sew, this may be obviated by the needle drill. The monotony of this may be made pleasant by calling it "shooting the needle," and allowing the children to aim the needle towards their neighbors. Drills for creasing hems and folding tucks and plaits may be practised on paper. The pupils who are proficient may be allowed to proceed with their work, while the others stand and practise the drill.