1. Half a yard of bleached or half-bleached cotton cloth for a trial-piece and sample work.

2. Spools of white cotton, Nos. 40-80, also one of No. 50 colored cotton for basting.

3. A well-fitting silver or celluloid thimble, for the second finger of the right hand.

4. An emery bag to brighten the needle, when it does not go through the cloth easily.

5. A paper of Nos. 5-10 ground-down needles.

6. A pinball well filled with small pins.

7. A tape measure.

8. A piece of wax.

9. A pair 6f scissors, for girls in the higher classes.

Your name should be written with ink on the bag, paper of needles, spools of thread, and sample cloth. An easy way to remember the necessary articles is to let the hand represent the cloth; the thumb, the bag ; the first finger, the spools of cotton; the second finger, the thimble and emery bag; the third finger, the needles and pins; and the fourth finger, the tape measure and wax.