1. Before folding the work, run the needle in and out of the cloth, near the last stitches, so as to keep it secure and aid in finding the place at the next sewing lesson.

2. To fold the work, smooth it out, fold it lengthwise and narrow enough to go into the bag; then fold it the opposite way.

3. Put the thimble into the bag first, as it is apt to be forgotten.

4. After all the articles are placed in the bag, draw it up closely.

5. Wind the tape tightly around the bag until about six inches of it are left.

6. Place two fingers of the left hand over the coil of tape, and wind once over the fingers and around the bag.

7. As the fingers are withdrawn, slip the end of the tape through, and draw tightly.

If the above directions are carefully observed, no girl should report any missing article at the next lesson.