Provided the pupil devotes forty minutes twice a week to sewing, the work in this grade will occupy a school year.

The one model for this grade is a canvas bag ornamented with simple designs, which, when properly completed, exemplifies all the stitches taught in the course. When the pupil has finished it, she is ready to work on garment fabrics.

The aim of this system is to make it possible for the pupils to do the work of each lesson, not without instruction, but without assistance. It has been demonstrated that this is possible in every case when each step is thoroughly understood as the pupils proceed. The preparatory work cannot be too carefully considered, as with all first principles; and although a year seems a long time to work on a single model, it will be found none too long for the pupils to become quite familiar with the stitches which in the succeeding grades are used under more difficult and exacting conditions.

The children, having now become familiar with the use of the needle, should be encouraged to work independently outside the classroom. Towels for kitchen use in the home may be hemmed and brought to the teacher for inspection. The combinations of the various stitches, as they are learned, can be used in ornamenting dolls' clothes, flannel petticoats, and little spreads for tables or washstands. An excellent practice is to let the children bring in designs made outside the class, by combining, according to their own ideas, the various stitches they have learned. In this way the creative faculty is stimulated, and at the same time the work is correctly done.