The material of this model is No.1 Ada canvas, which, while soft and like cloth in many ways, is yet so coarse that the threads can be easily counted. It is eighteen inches long and nine inches wide; and when it has been carefully cut along the line of a thread, it may be given to the pupil to overcast. The overcasting should be explained as an overhand stitch, longer and deeper than the one used in sewing. The pupils should be required to do this work neatly, taking the stitches four threads apart and four threads down. It must be explained that this overcasting is necessary, since otherwise the goods would ravel or fray along the edges.

When the model has been overcast, measure two inches from the top and bottom, draw a thread, and put a line of red basting in the space. This is to indicate where the designs begin and end.

Questions And Answers

What will the new model be when it is finished? Ans. A fancy bag.

Of what is the model made? Ans. Of canvas.

What is the size of the model? Ans. It is eighteen inches long and nine inches wide.

What is the first thing to be done on this model? Ans. To overcast the edges.

Canvas Bag.

Canvas Bag.

How is overcasting done? Ans. Like overhanding, only that the stitches are deeper, and farther apart.

What would happen if the edges were not overcast? Ans. They would fray.