Like the last model of the first grade, the designs of this are worked from the center. First let the pupil put the long edges of the model carefully together, and crease the center. From the center thread count four to the right, and put in a row of backstitching. Let this backstitching be between the fourth and fifth threads from the center.

The thread used is red crochet cotton, which makes a better design than marking-cotton, and is less expensive.

When this line is completed, count nine threads to the left, and put in another row of red backstitching. In the center between these two put in a line of red flannel stitching, worked over three threads of the canvas.

Questions And Answers

In what part of the model is the first design worked? Ans. In the center.

How is the center of the model formed? Ans. By placing the two long sides of the model together, and creasing it along the center.

What is the first stitching put in? Ans. A line of backstitching between the fourth and fifth threads from the center.

What is the next step? Ans. Nine threads to the left of the first line of backstitching put in another line.

How is this central design finished? Ans. With a line of flannel stitching between these two lines of backstitching, over the three center threads of the model.

In what color and kind of thread are all the designs of this model worked? Ans. In red crochet cotton.