Between the first and second designs, there is a space of six threads of the canvas. Count seven threads to the left; crease the model between the seventh and eighth threads, and put in a line of overhanding by taking up two threads and leaving two, forming a diagonal bar across a square of four threads. When this is completed, count eleven threads to the left, crease the model between the eleventh and twelfth threads, and put in another line of overhanding.

When these two lines are completed, there are ten threads of canvas between them. Begin the line of flannel stitching that finishes this design three threads from the last line of overhanding, and carry the thread in the needle over four canvas threads; then proceed as in the flannel stitching already described, keeping four threads between the upper and lower stitches, instead of three as in the central design.

Questions And Answers

How many threads are there between the first and second designs? Ans. There are six.

What is the first stitch of the second design? Ans. The overhand stitch.

Where is the model doubled down for this stitch? Ans. Between the seventh and eighth threads of the canvas, counting from the last line of backstitching of the second design.

How many threads are there between this and the second line of over-handing? Ans. Ten threads.

Where is the canvas creased for the second line of overhanding? Ans. Between the eleventh and twelfth threads to the left of the first line.

How is this design finished? Ans. With a line of flannel stitching between the two lines of overhanding.

Where is this placed? Ans. The first stitch is placed three threads from the last line of overhanding, and the next across four threads, and three threads from the other line of overhanding.